How Much Does a New Deck Cost in San Diego?

Every 10-20 years it’s common for homeowners to remodel their front and backyard landscaping and hardscaping. From cracking concrete, to dated bricks or other older style hardscaping failing, you’ll start to see signs that it might be time for a new design and construction. We have heard also from many homeowners over the last few months who have decided to remodel a backyard due to the heavy rains and associated effects of that influx of water. Heavy water without proper drainage can do serious damage to decks, foundation, retaining walls and concrete.

A New Deck with New Modern Materials

When approaching a new deck or balcony, it’s important to understand the latest techniques and modern advancements in materials. If you have older wooden decking or siding around your house, you know that termites are a huge issue in San Diego county. We have seen houses where the porch railings start to crumble under only a firm grip, due to years of termite damage. This type of damage can be a danger to family and visitors, and should be addressed as soon as possible. With modern decking made of composite materials, it’s possible to have a termite-resistant polymer that simply isn’t appealing to the little nightmare insects. Composite decking materials also last longer in general, weather-resistant, and come in a larger variety of colors than standard wood decking.

Estimated Cost of a Deck Design & Build in San Diego County

The actual cost of a new deck design and installation can vary greatly between $40-$80+ per square foot. Often a 3D design will be created for a larger project, which are often low cost or free depending on the contractor, then any permitting will have to be applied and approved as well as the design. Construction then begins and can often be completed in a few weeks time if not less. Certain situations where a deck is extended over a slope or canyon, requires additional hardscaping and concrete, or perhaps a deck/patio cover, can of course add to your cost (but also likely your overall home value and curb appeal)

Overall cost of a new deck ranges from $10,000 – $50,000+ for higher end multi-level extended decks with all the luxuries. Please be sure to hire a licensed and insured local contractor for your San Diego deck remodel, it reduces your liability and increases the likelihood of a having a safe and efficient construction.

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