How to Save Money on Your San Diego Landscape Remodel

Every 10-20 years it’s common for homeowners to remodel their front and backyard landscaping and hardscaping. From cracking concrete, to dated bricks or other older style hardscaping, you will see signs when it’s time to renovate. For softscaping, you will likely see turf with holes or fading in certain areas, or grass that’s simply impossible to keep green consistently.

When approaching a complete remodel of your landscape, it’s important to note which services may cost you the most money, where to save money, and where not to be frugal with your investment. Overall, your goals may vary depending on your situation and property, but common goals include:

  • Expanding and extending usable space (this is often completed with overhanging decking over previously unusable slopes or canyons common in San Diego county)
  • Increasing aesthetic value and curb appeal (as well as likely the property value)
  • Hire a licensed and insured local contractor – hiring an inexperienced or unqualified remodeling company can result in damage to your property, dangerous results that are a liability, and/or having to pay to have the project done twice.
  • Save money on water and maintenance. Modern landscaping and hardscaping, especially the replacement of natural grass with artificial turf and pavers, can significantly reduce your water usage and your yearly maintenance costs.

Saving Money on a Remodel with Materials

Many construction and remodeling companies will charge a fee for acquiring your materials for your remodel. Here at Beyond Remodeling, we do not charge extra fees for your materials, and instead your dedicated project manager will go shopping with you and ensure you find the best fit that you love. Be wary of any companies with inflated material costs, and be sure to compare providers. We work closely with reputable local San Diego companies like RCP Block and Brick.

Are you looking to remodel your landscape in San Diego and want to work with the best? Contact us today at (619) 914-0009 and schedule your free consultation and quote.

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