Permits for an Accessory Dwelling Unit In San Diego

If you’re thinking of building an ADU or granny flat for your San Diego home, it’s important to follow the proper permitting procedure. Not only can you be fined or may have to demolish unpermitted work, but it can create unsafe and potentially dangerous living situations. Permitting ensures the contractors work is up to code, and all plumbing, electrical, and more are properly designed and constructed.

Important Notice about the Trial ADU Fee Waiver program:

You may be familiar with the County of San Diego trial impact fee waiver that went into effect January 9th 2019. This was a trial waiver that was funded for 5 years that will be ending on January 9th 2024. Projects that are started prior to January 9th 2024 will have plan check fees waived as they start the review process. Permit and all other impact fees are not collected until a project is ready to be issued and will not be covered if the permit is issued after the January 9th 2024 date. If your project is currently under review we will be working to provide any corrections as soon as possible so that your design team can work to update the plans and obtain your permit prior to 1-9-24. Please work with your design professionals to get plans updated and returned to the County so that projects may be approved in a timely manner.


How long does it take to get a permit for an ADU in San Diego?

We have found from our experience that permitting times are highly dependent on your local area. While the City of San Diego may take over 7 months, individual cities in San Diego County like Carlsbad or Oceanside may only take 2-3 months.

What happens if you build an ADU without a permit in California?

We highly recommend permitting for jobs that require it in California. Not only do you have risk fines, potentially having to redo work, insurance problems, and you could face lawsuits from tenants if you rent our an unpermitted ADU. The hassle is not worth it, and it will likely take twice as long to complete if work is done without proper permitting.

Hiring a Licensed & Insured Contractor to Help Guide Your Permitting

It is a huge risk to hire unlicensed and uninsured contractors. Be sure to check and verify all licensing and insurance to ensure if anyone gets hurt, or problems with the work, you have options. All of our work at Beyond Remodeling is permitted when required, and we are licensed and insured in San Diego county. 

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